10 Times People Said “I Think My Cat Is Broken”


Cats are super weird pets and they are always up to doing something weird. But some times all their planning lands them into trouble. It is no big deal if they appear to be broken after they are finished doing what they were. Cats either end up with broken stuff around them or they themselves have broken pieces. But one thing is sure that you will always have fun when a cat is around. They don’t get bored and don’t let anyone get bored.

Here are some pictures of cats who seem broken. Have you ever met someone who said “I think my cat is broken”? Then maybe you know what you are about to see. If not, then you are surely in for a big surprise. Have a look at these pictures and you will know what we are talking about!


“This doesn’t look right at all. My cat looks upset and broken.”


This cat has some magical powers. He has hidden half of it’s body using his magical powers.


Is this the way how cats sit? Maybe, cats are just reinventing themselves.


When your cat is really thirsty and wants to squeeze the water out of the tap somehow.


It has been a really gloomy day and the cat is tired. “Maybe I should take a nap and everything will be alright again.”

When you see a cat who is upset, there is something really wrong with the cat.


Cats can use weird ways to distract you. But it looks like this cat really needs some help.


“My cat sleeps like a human and it feels super weird. Is my cat broken?”


When your cat wants to be right next to you, but not touching the water.


The cat wanted to break the wire, but it seems like he is the one who is broken.


Are cats really capable of doing this or there is something weird about this cat?

Don’t forget to share the pictures of these broken cats. Does it happen with your cat too?

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