10 Times People Came Home And Screamed “That’s Not My Cat”


Cats are very smart and they know how to find a home for themselves. This is how you are supposed to be. If you want something, just go get it. Nothing should stop you from achieving what it wants. Cats know what they want and they are smart enough to achieve it all. The felines don’t stop till the time they get what they want.

Here are some times people came home and screamed “that’s not my cat”. Have a look at these cats and you will know how pawsome they are!


Cats can meet you anywhere at any time because nobody can stop a cat from entering their homes.


This little cat found his forever home and entered without care. You can’t ask such a pawsome cat to leave.


These cat visited their future forever home every day and stared at the hooman till the time he let them all in. This is the simplest tricks that cats use to get inside their forever home.


When a stranger cat brings you a gift, you accept the gift and let the kitty inside your home. This is the least that you can do for a pawsome cat.


A cat will sit and stare at you silently till the time you realize that it’s not your cat. This is how you become a cat hooman even when you don’t want a cat.

When a cat quietly slides inside your home and doesn’t leave, know that you have been blessed with a cat.


When you return home and find a cat waiting for you, you have been blessed with a cat.


This cat has been visiting this home continuously for a week. First, the hoomans started feeding him and gradually, they decided to adopt the cat.


This little adorable cat found his forever home when he was in desperate need for help. Look at him now! Love transform a cat to its best version.


A cat is allowed to break into a house and sleep wherever he likes. You have no right to stop a cat from getting a good sleep after all the hardwork that he does.


This cat knew exactly how to make his hoomans adopt him.

Go ahead and share this pawsome cat story with your family and friends! Has this happened to you as well? Do share your story in the comments below!

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