10 Times People Came Home and Discovered They Had a Cat


There is something special about cats. The way they come in our lives and fill it with love and happiness is completely pawsome. No one else can do what cats do for us. Cats always choose their hoomans and there is no way that it will ever be other way round. So if you ever think that you can bring a cat home of your choice, then you are completely wrong! Cats always have the upper hand over everything and everyone. They rule the world and hearts of their hoomans.

Here are some pawsome times when people came home and discovered they had a cat. Have a look at these pawsome cats and get to know how these people became cat hoomans over night!


When you wake up in the morning to find a cat waiting for you to open the door. “What are you staring at me, hooman? Open the door quickly! I am starving outside.”


Last night, I didn’t have even a single cat. Now, I have three and I have no clue how it happened.”


Meet the uninvited guest to the birthday party. He came and stayed furrever.


When you find a stranger furry ball sleeping on your chair, you do not disturb him. Just let him sleep and when he wakes up, he will greet you with all his love or maybe not.


When you find a cat sitting at your door and staring at you, know that it has chosen you.


Don’t forget to close the windows at night or you may become a cat hooman. The felines are very good at choosing their hoomans and their decision is always right.


Cats can walk and walk out whenever they like. But sometimes, you need to open the door for them. It’s not your choice if you want to let them in. If the cat wants to be inside your home, it won’t stop till it has achieved what it wants.


Here’s a cat with a lot of dead leaves for his new hoomans. Cats never come empty handed. They bring lots of gifts and surprises with them.


Maybe the cat has decided to leave now. “Sorry hooman, I can’t be around such clingy people.”


“Woke up in the morning to find this cat in my bed staring at me. He wouldn’t leave.”

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