10 Times Cats Were Total Jerks, But It Made Us Laugh Anyway


Your cat may love you or hate you, but they won’t ever stop making you laugh. Cats love their hoomans a lot. They just choose not to show it most of the times. you have to let the cat choose its own path and follow it. As it is a cat never listens to what its hooman has to say. Cats always follow their heart, no matter where it leads them.

Here are some pets acting as total jerks, but they made us laugh anyway. Have a look and laugh it out with us!


Every cat likes to keep its collection different and weird. Whenever anything goes missing, just ask your cat. This cat here has quite a collection.


Cat wrote the rules thousands of years ago and we have been following them ever since. There is no question that cats don’t rule the world.  They are the true kings.


A cat sleeps wherever it likes. You have to make the suitable arrangements.


A gift is a gift. You shouldn’t judge a cat from the gift that it gets for you. It only shows that the cat really loves you/


Only a cat knows the true use of anything that we buy. We have been putting things to wrong use. Look at a cat and learn!


When your cat doesn’t want you to sleep, it will do everything in its power to achieve the mission.


“Why are the birds in the cage? Take them out. I want to play with them and kill some too.”


A cat always have fun ideas in mind. This one is about to throw the other cat in the pool. If you observe carefully, you will know.


When your cat gets caught in the middle of the act, but then decides to complete what it started. What’s done is done!


Dogs have learned some skills from the cats as well. Look how they have been using them!

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