10 Times Cats Were Completely Relatable To Your Everyday Struggles


Many cat hoomans often feel that there cat is just another hooman trapped inside a cat’s body. What if it is really true? There are a lot of instances when you can totally relate to cats. If you haven’t felt like this yet, you are about to. This story will show you how cats are a lot like us.

Here are some instances when cats were completely relatable to the everyday struggles. Have a look!


Only your best friends know your true side. There is no point pretending in front of them.


This is a bit difficult, but the cat surely knows how to make it happen. Cats can do anything and everything. Nothing is impossible for them.


“Why should I work so hard if I have to die one day?” Cats are just like humans in an adorable body. They have exactly the same thoughts as humans.


Every shy person out there can totally relate to this kitty. “I hope nobody makes an eye contact for me now.”


“I wanted your attention, but not like this. I hate you, hooman!” Cats only have pure intentions, but sometimes there ways are not correct.

This is the worst feeling. When you try to get someone’s attention, but they scold you instead. Have you ever felt this way? Does your cat ever make you angry when he is trying to get your attention? Share with us in the comment section.


“Is he looking at me now? Do I look fine?” You can totally relate to this one.


“I hope no one sees me like this.” Have you ever been in this situation?


This can go on and on for a long time. Let’s carry on.


“What if I have said this instead? Next time, I will react in this this manner only.” We all have done this at least once in our lives.


People see what they see. There is no point explaining anything to them.

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