10 Times Cats Made A Mess When Eating And Owners Just Had To Share Pics


Cats may like to be in control of everything, but sometimes they just can’t help it. When it comes to food, cats forget everything. They don’t care if they mess up stuff or have food all over the place. All that matters is food!

Here are some cats that made a mess when eating and owners just had to share pictures. Have a look at these pictures and you won’t be able to stop laughing!


This is too bad, but it seems like the little kitty is having too much fun. “It just went as per my plan. Too good actually!”


When your cat can’t decide if he wants to eat or sleep, he might do both the tasks at the same time.


When your cat forgets to hide the evidence and you catch him red-handed. “I can explain this. I was super hungry and you wouldn’t listen to me!”


You can never ever have enough pictures of a cat, especially when it looks this adorable.


The cat was pretty excited about her birthday. He couldn’t even wait till all the guests have arrived. “This is my birthday. I get to decide when I want to eat the cake. Now go and get some more. I am still hungry and all pink.”

It doesn’t matter if this cat has cake all over its face, it still looks super adorable. How do cats manage to look adorable all the time?


There is little orange on your nose and paws. Where have you been little kitty?


This cat like his beard long and smooth. “Stop clicking my pictures and clean this mess off my face.”


“There is something sticky on my face. It feels really uncomfortable. Can you please clean this off?”


When the cat becomes aware of all the mess and he stops eating. “I can’t do this anymore. This feels really bad.”


“This is not funny at all. Stop laughing at me or I will bite you.”

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