10 Times Cats Acted So Audaciously That Their Owners Put Up A Sign To Warn Others About Their Ways (New Pics)


Cats love to play with their hoomans all the time. But there are some things that are not fun at all. It is hilarious how cats want everything at once. They want their hooman’s attention and affection, but don’t want them to get near them. You have to choose the perfect timing for everything when it comes to a cat. Cats are nothing like other pets and there needs to be special warnings put out regarding the weird things that they do. All the smart cat hoomans know this very well.

Here are some cats who acted so audaciously that their owners put up a sign to warn others about their ways. Have a look at these signs put up by cat hoomans and you will know what the cats are up to!


You need to know the rules before you adopt a cat. Things can go really wrong if you do so.


The cat doesn’t always need your attention. Leave the cat alone some time. It has a lot of things to deal with.

This cat was on a fruit market today (the sign says “don’t disturb the kitten, she’s not here to amuse the customers, she’s the boss).


Cats love to keep a secret treasure and hate it when their hoomans catch them and throw everything into the bin.


Cats always want some extra food, no matter how much they eat.


You have to be really careful when a cat is around. All the cat needs must be taken care of.

Cats have their own way with everything. They don’t change their ways for their hoomans.


Don’t go on how a cat looks. Appearances are quite deceptive.


Cats are better than any security guard. They watch secretly and pounce at the right moment.


This cat hooman knows his cat really well. Look at these elaborate instructions.


When your cat loves adventure, putting up this poster is mandatory.


Best poster to describe a cat! Read and you will know exactly what not to do with a cat.

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