10 Sneaky Cats Who Thought It’d Be Funny To Try And Steal Their Human’s Things


Cats are sneaky and smart creatures who always have something or the other going on. You will only get to know about their sneaky actions when the cats are done with their pranks. But sadly, some of them get caught in the action. Their hoomans are smarter than them. Still, the cats make their best efforts to get everything that they want.  It’s the efforts that we should appreciate.

Here are some sneaky cats who thought it’d be funny to try and steal their human’s things. Have a look at these cats and you will get to know how smart they are!


Cats always have the first right on your food. You should not interrupt your cat when it is trying to steal your food.


Cats also have important agreements to sign. This is why it might be stealing your food.


The cat won’t mind taking the last cookie on the plate. You should always leave one for the cat.


“Hooman, you shouldn’t eat too much. Give it to me. You should go on a diet.”


Everyone fights for the last bite, but only cats can get the last bite.

Cats don’t care if it is the first bite or the last one. They won’t leave even a single opportunity to get their hands on food.


Cats may not even know that if they have some use for something, but they will definitely take it.


Now who doesn’t want Doritos? Even cats know how delicious they are!


When your cat eats using its paws and acts just like you. “My cat likes to eat from my bowl every now and then.”


When you don’t have time to eat and your cat takes benefit of the opportunity. “You will continue working, hooman. I will finish this for you.”


“This looks delicious. I should have a bite.”

Go ahead and share this hilarious story with your friends and family. Everyone should know how sneaky cats can be!

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