10 Sneaky Cats Doing Their Best To Surprise Their Owners


Cats love it when they see the surprised look on their hooman’s face. after all, they put in a lot of effort to surprise their hoomans. If you have a cat in your house, then this might happen often. Cats are full of ideas to surprise all those around you. Cats will do things that you don’t even know that they are capable of doing.

Here are some cats that did their best to surprise their hoomans and they are pawsome!


When your cat is suspicious and wants to know if he is right. Don’t get surprised if you catch him like this. Just know that you have to make your cat trust you.


“I wasn’t keeping a watch at you. I was just looking out this little window of the box.”


“I am trying to hide away from my hooman so that he doesn’t know that I am ruining his dinner. I am sitting on it right now.”


“First, I need to check something. Just let me hold your hand.”


This is how my cat looks at me when it’s time for lunch. This is so adorable.”


“Hi hooman, just wanted to show you my face before I take another nap. Just wake me up when it’ time to feed again.”


“Every time I am late from office, this is how my cat waits for me. He won’t move from here till he sees me enter the house.”


“I won’t let my hooman know that I am around. Maybe this is the purrfect place to spy on him.”


”My cat waiting angrily for dinner. He is going to push the plate to the ground. The look says it all.”


You know what’s the best part about putting up Christmas trees? Seeing your cat find a new place to find and act all cute.


“My cat thinks that I find this hilarious and he is right!”


Cats love to break your favorite things in the house.

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