10 Smart Cats Who Took Life Into Their Own Paws and Found Themselves a Home


Cats rule the world and never ask for anyone’s permission before doing something. Meet some smart cats who took life into their own paws and found themselves a home!


When your dog brings home a friend and you realize that it’s a cat who is not ready to leave. Congratulations! You have two furry pets now.


When a cat invites itself into your home, you don’t have the right to tell them to leave.

I go to the living room and look over by the chair where Colby, one of my cats, is sitting. I look again and realize it’s not Colby so I figure it must be his identical brother, Jack. I look again and then realize it’s neither one of them.


When you decide to invite a cat for lunch and it refuses to leave afterwards. “You invited me in your home. I decided to stay. Asking me to leave is quite rude, so let’s not do that.”


A cat won’t ask for permission before entering your home or your heart. This black cat here knows it very well.

Our neighbors’ cat learned how to get into our bathroom. That’s how he sits while I take a bath.


Now it’s your cat too.

“My house, my husband, not my cat — he just came in and fell asleep like that.


“Rescued this little kitten who was screaming under my car. He has been living with me for a year now. I thought I wasn’t a cat person.”


When you come home to this fluff ball of cuteness, know that you have been blessed with pawsomeness.


Once a cat walks into your home, it is not going to leave. Make all the arrangements quickly.


When you leave the door open and a cat walks in. “Hi hooman, I like my new home. I hope you have a good time with me. There is no other option.”


When a cat walks in your home and gives you such angry look, it is here to stay and punish you.

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