10 Situations That Prove That Cats Keep Us as Their Pets and It’s Not the Other Way Around


Cats are nothing like the other pets. They like to keep things in their control. Everything should be as per their plan. If you live with a cat, you know what happens when you break the rules. Cats are the best pets ever. They will bring your life back on track and fill it with happiness. A cat hooman can’t stay sad for long because the cat makes sure that at the end of the day, everything should be good and going in his hooman’s life.

Here are some situations that prove that cats keep us as their pets and it’s not the other way around. Have a look at these pictures and you will know why!


Cats have no clue what their hoomans do when they go out. They think that their hoomans are just having fun without them.


You can only sleep next to your cat when it wants you to. You have no other choice.


A cat knows how to keep his hooman in control. “You are supposed to pay full attention to me when I am next to you and not this stupid phone.”


Spoiling a cat is the best thing that you can do. In fact, you should fulfil all your cat’s wishes.


Cats will do little things to make you feel special. This is super adorable.


“Can you turn off the sound? I am trying to sleep here now.” You have to follow the rules that your cat makes for you.


Your cat knows more than you think. Cats are the smartest pets to walk on this planet.


When you miss those times when you were the little kid in the house. “I wish I could be a little kitten again.”


“I am tired of listening to all your boring stories. Can you stop telling those stupid stories to me now? I want to put my time to better use.”


When your cat not only takes your bed, but sits in the middle of it so that there is no space left for you.

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