10 Situations All Cat Owners Can Resonate With


Things are completely different when there is a cat in home. You have do things their way or you don’t get to do them. Cats want to be a part of everything that you do, even though they don’t let you be a part of their plans.

Here are some hilarious situations that all cat hoomans will resonate with. If you are a cat hooman, either you have already witnessed these or you are on your way. Nevertheless, you are definitely laugh at these pawsome cat pictures. Have a look!


This is a usual scene in the morning when you live with a cat. “Hi hooman, the room is taken. Come back later.”


Your cat will always judge the humans that you bring home. Choose them wisely or they won’t be your friends for long. A cat only wants good company for its hooman.


When your cat is super hungry, it will start breaking all the dishes in your kitchen so that you know. “Come here hooman before I break everything.”


You are not done cooking till the time your cat gives its approval. “Now it looks purrfect. You can eat it.”


This is what cats wait for. They always know the right time for everything.


When your cat takes over your bed, it’s not yours any longer. You have to take the couch or sleep on the floor.


“My cat giving me deadly stares as I eat the last slice of pizza without even offering it to him.” The cat is definitely thinking of its revenge.


Nine lives of a cat in one picture. You just can’t get it if you are not a cat.


When your cat stares at the wall with this look on his face, know that something is definitely going on and you are not a part of it. Better stay put of it or run for your life.


Finding cozy warm places is a cat’s natural talent.

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