10 Signs You’re An Official Crazy Cat Person


Once a cat person, always a cat person. There is one thing that people don’t want to change about themselves and it’s being called a cat person. Cat hoomans know that this is the best decision of their life or let’s say the best thing that happened to them. Because cats always choose their hoomans and not the other way round. Well, whatever way it is, cat hoomans got lucky to be a part of the pawsome tribe.

Here are some signs that prove that you are an official crazy cat person and you can’t deny it. Have a look and we bet you will love all the pawsome signs!


As much as you love to be around your cat, they like it too. Every cat hooman cherishes these little moments when their cats finally open up to them.


You can’t control yourself from petting your cat even when you know that it may bite or scratch. Cat hoomans are not scared of the scars. Anything to spend some time with the cat.


You won’t get out of bed, till the time your cat wakes you up. Who needs an alarm when you have a cat in the house!


You know that your cat will always ask for extra food and you can’t deny because of how adorable they look.


You can’t get over the fact that you really love your cat and you can’t live without them.


You love to play that patience game with your cat where you test who gives in first. Well, you will lose each time.


You know that your cat loves to take naps in your arms even when you know that they won’t wake up for hours and your arms will hurt really bad afterwards.


You know that your cat needs all your attention and pampering when you are super busy and you give in every time.


It’s not a big deal for any cat lover that she is a weird cat lady. Cats are above boys any day because the felines don’t run away and they keep their promises.


You know that your cat won’t get out of your face till the time you get up.

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