10 Reasons Why You Should Never Get a Cat


Living with a feline is a completely different experience altogether. Unlike other pets, the cats are super unpredictable and it will take you a lifetime to understand cats. But it will be super fun and you won’t be able to live without a cat once you start living with one.

Here are some reasons why you should never get a cat. Have a look at these cats and you will understand what it feels like to live with a cat!


Making your bed is an impossible task when there is a cat around. You can never ever achieve this impossible task because the moment you start doing it, your cat will jump right in between. This is how it will end like.


You can’t eat anything that you don’t offer to your cat. It would be better if you offer what you eat to your cat, or else it will all go waste. Cats love to push the plates off the table.


When your cats are in a mood to create a mess, you will have to do a lot of cleaning. So be prepared for it.


When it’s your cat’s birthday, only he will get to eat the cake. Also, cats don’t believe in cutting the cake first, they directly attack it.


You are always under the watch of your cat. if you think that your cat is not around at any point of time, then you are highly mistaken. Cats have super innovative ways of keeping a watch on their hoomans.


You are not allowed to have your personal time or be alone in any case when you become a cat hooman. The cats need to make sure that their hoomans are always safe. Hence, they need to be there in the same room as their hoomans.


When a cat sits somewhere, you are not allowed to disturb him. He can sit there as long as he likes, even in case of emergencies. A cat’s interest must be everyone’s priority.


When your cat likes your boyfriend, you will become the third wheel in their relationship and your cat won’t stop teasing you.


Don’t just expect other cats to visit you. The felines have a variety of friends and any of them can visit the cat at any time. Always be ready to welcome guests in your home.


When a cat wants to sit on your chair, this is how you manage. The chair belongs to the cat now.

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