10+ Possessive Cats Who Made Their Owners Feel Like The Third Wheel


Cats can make their hoomans feel really jealous at times. Here are some possessive cats who made their owners feel like the third wheel. Have a look at this and you will know exactly what we are talking about!


When your cat adores your boyfriend and doesn’t want you around.


Cats can make their hoomans really jealous at times.

My boyfriend and my cat have a special bond… I feel like the third wheel.


When your cat is in love with your husband, she won’t even let you get near him.


When your cat is obsessed with your boyfriend and she just can’t stay away from him.

This is how my cat waits for my boyfriend to come home.


“My cat cuddles with my boyfriend and doesn’t let me get near him.”


The cat wants to be in the group picture with us every time. There is not even a single picture without the cat in it.


“My cat adores my boyfriend and constantly stares at him all day long. I am so jealous of her.”


When the cat wouldn’t leave your boyfriend’s side even for a minute, you are the third wheel in the relationship.


“My cat sticks to the door when it’s time for my husband to come home.”


This is how my cat stays on my boyfriend’s shoulder when he is home.


“I caught my cat staring at my boyfriend and I just can’t get over it now.”


“Our cat sleeps in my wife’s arms and he constantly teases me. I think I made a mistake bringing the cat home.”


“My cat literally holds my husband’s head and makes him look other way whenever he looks at me. I am not sure if I should cry at this or laugh.”


This cat keeps a watch on my husband’s diet and doesn’t let him eat anything that is not good for him.


When your cat sits and stares you in order to tease you. “You can’t have what I have.”

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