10 Pieces Of Evidence That Prove Cats Have Their Own Special Logic


Cats are special and everyone knows this very well. They do weird things all the time and there is no going back from that. Cats follow their special logic and they don’t want their hoomans to intervene in between. The felines also find hoomans weird. Why would anyone want to do something that only adds to stress and anxiety in their life. But humans do this all the time. Cats completely fail to understand why their hoomans don’t sleep more. Well, even if they can’t help this. The cats make sure that their hoomans always have a beautiful smile on their face.

Here are some pieces of evidence that prove cats have their own special logic. Have a look at these cats and you will know how special the felines are!


Cats have a special logic and they can’t get it why their hoomans have an issue with it. Like you should simply accept your cats the way they are.


Cats won’t sleep on the expensive beds that you get for them. But they would happily dive into an empty bag or box and sleep there for hours.


When there is a black cat in the house, you don’t have to worry about anything. The cat will stare and scare everyone who mean any harm to his hooman.


When you can’t find your cat whole day and finally find him in the most unexpected place.


Cats and their logic is questioned by everyone. But they don’t care what people think about them. The felines confidently go on doing what they like best.


This cat got stuck to the door somehow and everyone thought that he was flying. But what if the cat was actually flying!


Cats love to play hide and seek with their hoomans. But they also know that their hoomans can’t match their level. So this is how it’s going now. The cats have decided to level down.


When the cat hooman doesn’t feed his cat, this is what they resort to. Licking the wall will definitely help.


This is a cat taking revenge from his hooman for not feeding him at the right time. “If I don’t get to eat, then you don’t get to eat too.”


Even this cat is confused how he managed to sit like this. Cats are confident and they do what they like.

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