10 Pictures That Prove Cats Own This World, We Just Live In It


Cats have been ruling the world since ages and many humans have no clue about it still. But those who know about it, know how it goes. Cats are really good at controlling their hooman’s world. A cat hooman can never make any decision without their cat’s permission. The cats is supposed to make all the major decisions for their hoomans.

Here are some pictures that prove cats own this world, we just live in it. Have a look at these cats and you will know why!


This cat waits for his bird friend every day with a sock in his mouth. There is nothing that can separate the cat from the sock.


“My cat gets angry at me and stares till I realise that something is wrong. This is his way of making me feel bad for something that I did.”


Cats are not scared of either heights or falling. They are not scared of adventures and they always end up doing something that is definitely dangerous for them.


Sometimes, cats like the cold too. They like change now and then. Or maybe it is just because of food.


Only cats are capable of falling asleep anywhere that they like. It doesn’t matter to the cats if it’s uncomfortable or not.

Cats prefer sleep over everything else. There is nothing that is more important than sleep for a cat. What’s surprising is that the cats don’t even accept the expensive beds that their hoomans get for them! The cats only want to sleep in uncomfortable places.


Cats like the fact that their hoomans are working from home now. The felines not only get to spend more time with their hooman now, but they also tease their hoomans. While the cat hooman has to work, the cat can simply take a nap.


When your cat wants to make things easy for you, this is how it will look.


“Every time I have to go out, this is what my cat does. He would stick to the door and won’t move.”


Cats hate to wait and they won’t forgive you for this. You can be late to office, but not when you have lunch with your cat.


When your cat doesn’t want to face you, this is what it will do. “Looking at the wall is better than looking at you, hooman.”

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