10 Pictures That Prove Cats Are Adorable But Mean


Cats are pawsome creatures, but people call them mean and selfish. What do you think? Is it really so? Are cats adorable and mean pets? This story will tell you exactly what they are. Cats have big hearts and they care a lot for their hoomans. But sometimes they do things that surprise everyone. Cats come up with all the weird ideas and get their hoomans in trouble a lot of time. Cats are a combination of both weird and pawsome.

Here are some pawsome cat pictures that prove that cats are adorable but mean. Have a look and you will also get to know what’s the true nature of cats!


Never anger your cat or else you will have to deal with the consequences.


Cats are very innovative when it comes to finding places to hide.


When you want to relax and watch TV, but your cat has other plans for you.


When cats like to amuse themselves with the stupid toys that their hooman got for them. “We will figure out something else for later.


Cats find a way to trouble their hoomans somehow. Why kitty, why do you have to do this?

Even though cats are smart and learn very quickly, they do weird things at times to trouble their hoomans. The felines always have a way to make everyone laugh. Everyone needs a cat in his life.


When your cat wants all the heat and doesn’t care if his hooman gets cold as ice.


Cats at their best at stealing food.


“Do not touch me without my permission!” This cat hit the dog because he touched him without his permission.


When you are trying to convince the cat not to throw the glass off the counter and he gives you the look. “Okay hooman, not this time. But I won’t stop the next time.”


Your cat want your love and attention, but don’t forget to maintain some distance.

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