10 Pics Of Cats In Places They Shouldn’t Be, But They Are Because They Can, Shared By This Twitter Account (New Pics)


The felines are really good at fitting in places where they are not supposed to be. There are a lot of people who think that cats are good at hiding and they are absolutely right. Nobody can beat a cat when it comes to hiding. What you know about cats is that they are pawsome and this is all that you need to know. a Twitter profile shared pictures of cats hiding in places where they shouldn’t be and it’s hilarious.

Here are some pictures of cats in places they shouldn’t be, but they are because they can. Have a look at these cat photos and you will know how pawsome cats are at fitting in where they want to!


Because why not! If a cat fits, it sits. You are not supposed to ask him any questions.


This cat wanted to be placed where he could keep an eye on his hooman, so this is where he ended. Also, it is warner near the machines. Cats love their hoomans, but they also take care of their own interests.


The cat wasn’t expecting this, but it happened somehow. “Hooman, why would you bring such weird things into the house. I am stuck here. Help me now!”


Cats are always find weird places to sleep. The warmer it is, the better.


Cats got really good hiding skills. Your cat will sit right in front of your eyes and you still won’t even be able to see him.


A cat can fit in anywhere it likes. When it comes to their hooman, a cat can manage anything.


Get a box and see the magic happen. There is a lot that cats can do for their hoomans. But when they see a box, the felines forget about everything else.


When you have two cats, it is better to get two boxes. It is easy that ways. Or else, your cats will end up fighting or sitting on top of each other.


This cat is either stuck or sitting here by his own choice.


Look at this cat’s face and see how pawsome it looks! Sitting right where this cat belongs.

Go ahead and share these pawsome cat pictures and their story with your friends and family. There is nothing better than putting a smile on someone’s face. Share your views with us in the comments below!

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