10 Photos That Prove Kids and Cats Are Pieces of the Same Puzzle


There are a lot of similarities between cats and kids. It seems like both of them are the pieces of the same puzzle. Cats and kids are completely unpredictable and they like to do things that nobody can understand. Even though there is logic behind everything they do, it is totally out of your understanding.

Here are some pawsome photos that prove kids and cats are pieces of the same puzzle. Have a look!


Adventure is what it takes to keep cats and kids busy. If you have a good adventurous idea, you are set for the day.


When all you want to do is spend some quality time together, this is what you do.


Watching clothes going round and round inside a washing machine is totally fun, but not many people get this. It’s a cat and kid thing.


Taking small naps throughout the day anywhere you like is the most favorite of the cats and the kids. Look at these adorable pair here.


Doing something just for fun is really cool. Cats and kids are never afraid to try out new things.

Cats and kids are ready to do anything that is amusing. They definitely know how to make the best use of their time unlike the adults.


Sleeping in weird positions is totally a thing.


It’s difficult to understand why cats and kids do something. They do it because they like it. Why do you need a reason for everything!


Watching TV together is totally a cat and kid thing. Not caring what others think is also a part of it. “You can keep on judging while we both focus on our show.”


Imitation is totally a thing and it is always trending among cats and kids. What’s with all the imitation little ones?


Apparently, squirrels are very interesting creatures and it is important to keep a close watch on them. “Look how the little squirrel is eating the nut. I like how quickly they climb up the tress.”

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