10 Photos That Prove Cats Are Born To Troll Humans


Cats will fill your life with happiness and fun and you will have no clue how they make it happen. They are adventurous and spontaneous. The felines may be lazy most of the times, but they have a pawsome life. The moment they wish to achieve something, they get after it like nothing else. They are the most unpredictable beings to walk this planet.

Here are some photos that prove cats are born to troll humans. Have a look at these pictures and you will know all about it!


When your cat is more of a spider and less of a cat, this is what it will look like. “This looks like a perfect place to build a cob-web. Maybe I should start soon. I will see you once I finish it, hooman.”


You will always know when your cat is angry at you. The look on his face will say it all. So run for your life when you find out all about it.


Always be careful what you buy when there is a black cat at home. Things can get really confusing.

Bought some Halloween decor at a thrift store and now I can’t find my cat.


When your cat decides to go out for a little adventure on its own and it doesn’t turn out well.

After 150 ‘Missing’ fliers and countless tears, Dolores is finally back home, safe and sound.


When you can’t make out the difference between your cat and your baby, that’s when things are going on the right track. The cat belongs where it wants to be.


When you try to speak cat language, but you are completely bad at it. “You better stick to your language and let me do the cat language. It doesn’t suit you at all.”


When your cat gets a snack for you, know that you have really bad cooking skills.


When your cat sits on your lap and looks at you weirdly with questioning eyes, just know that he is not going anywhere for next few hours. So just sit back and take a nap with your cat on your lap.


You don’t need to care about the baby when there are three cats in the house. Just let them do what they want to.


When you try your amazing sense of fashion on your cat and he completely hates it.

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