10 Photos Prove That Cats Are Exactly Like People But Soft and Furry


Cat hoomans have a lot in common with their cats. It’s only a matter of time before they realize it. If you are a new cat hooman and don’t believe us, then just wait for some time. These cats have portrayed every human emotion really well. You will be really surprised and ask if cats are really capable of all this. Well, it looks like they are.

Here are some cat pictures that will prove that cats are just like people, just a lot more adorable and softer. Have a look at these pawsome pictures!


This is what cats do to convince their hoomans. One adorable look and the cat hooman has no option, but to agree with them.


When the cat is the guest speaker of the podcast and he has no clue where to start from.


When you remember that you forgot to hide your stash and your parents will find out now.


Some cats like to wait patiently for dinner instead of attacking them.


When you can’t take it anymore and you don’t know what to do other than ask for help.

This one is the most apt one for the ongoing situation. We all are hopelessly tired and want someone to pull us out of this hopeless situation. Only cats have the power to do this. They always have abundance of positivity and happiness. If you ever need any of these, just look for a cat. When you can’t find a cat, these pawsome pictures will definitely come to your rescue.


When you are hit by the hard truth of life and just want to take some time off.


When your boss brings in a new employee and you are worried about getting fired. This cat has the purrfect reaction given the situation.


When left alone, cats dance too. This couldn’t get more relatable.


This cat finally got the car box that he has been dreaming about.


Cats like to get together and watch movies too. This is not just reserved for humans.

10 Photos of Cats That Prove We Can Never Truly Understand Them

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