10 Photos Of Cats Trying To Steal Food And They’re Not Even Sorry


Cats are never afraid of doing anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong. A cat also gets to do what it wants. Stealing food is at the top of the list. Cats love to have a taste of food when their hoomans leave it unattended. They know that their hoomans will never offer it to them. so it’s better that they take a taste of it on their own.

Here are some hilarious photos of cats trying to steal food and they are not even sorry about it. Have a look at these pictures and how cats steal food!


A cat also needs a cookie. If you don’t offer it to him, he will take it on his own.


A cat also has important contracts to sign. You better let him have your pen. “Thank you, hooman. I will return this to you never.”


It doesn’t matter if your cat won’t be able to drink from a glass. If it wants something, you make sure that he has it.


This is what cats do when their hoomans are not around. “Let’s go fishing today. My hooman won’t even notice it.”


When you leave the balloon floating your room and your cat takes it as a rescue mission.


A cat is not scared of setting big goals because he always has a plan to make it happen too.


Never leave anything unattended when you know there are cats around. If you want to let the cats have the milk, then you can definitely do it.


When you leave food unattended and there is a cat in home, this is what will happen.


Ever seen a cat stealing a fish? It is just a usual thing for cats. There is nothing to be surprised of.


When you find your cat enjoying a good stolen meal on a tree, what do you do? You click some pictures and share it with everyone. You cannot stop a cat, but you can definitely laugh at it.

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