10 Photos of Cats to Make You Forget About Everything


Cats are the biggest stressbusters that you can ask for. This year has been quite stressful for everyone, but cat hoomans have been really lucky to have their furry companions by their side. Cats always ensure that their hoomans stay happy and pawsome all the time. It doesn’t matter the cat hoomans go through the entire day, cats make them forget everything by the end of it.

Here are some pawsome cat pictures that will make you forget everything else. Have a look!


When your cat finally decides to sleep in its own bed instead of an empty box and wakes up surprised.


There is nothing warmer than a pizza piece to sit on. Cats have weird logic, but sometimes it works.


When your cat refuses to drink from its water bowl, but it is comfortable drinking water from the tap. Well, cat hoomans should stop spending money on cat stuff.


“No hooman, you are not supposed to put any plants here. This is my sunlight spot from now on.”


When you finally get to sit in the sun after several days and have nothing else to do, but smile.

We bet that by now you must have already forgotten all your worries. Cats have the charm that makes you forget being sad and be pawsome.


Cat hoomans love to come back to your cat after a long tiring day. One pawsome look from the cat and everything is good again. Cats do have that magical charm.


This cat is waiting for his hooman to go back to office again so that he could organize secret parties and invite all his friends home.


When you work from home, you need to have a separate desk for your cat.


Your cat knows that you love them, but hugs are not allowed without permission. Cat hoomans need to take their cat’s permission before hugging them.


These two cats have been best friends since the very first day. Look how adorable they are!

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