10 Pets Who Won’t Let You Have a Moment of Peace, Even For a Minute


Cats and dogs can be quite troublesome at times. Even though they don’t mean too, they end up creating a huge mess for their hoomans. All the pets want their hoomans to spend time with them and give them all the attention they need. If you are not doing this, then you really need to think things through.

Here are some pets who won’t let you have a moment of peace, even for a minute. Have a look at the pictures of these pets and you will know why!


When cat hoomans say that the best thing about working from home is that the boss is not sitting on their heads constantly, the cat shows them who the boss is at home. “I am sitting right here and I can see that you are not working.”


You can only work on your puzzle till the time your cat wants you to.


When you end up fooling your cat who thinks he can’t be fooled. “I know what you are doing there, but this seems really comfortable.”


When your cat hates that you are trying to get fit and that too get a boyfriend. “This is not going to happen at least till the time I am your cat. This will go on for a long time.”


“Looks like this lamp is broken. We need to get another one so that I can break that too.”


“It’s not my fault if you don’t clean the house. You must know this by now.”


“My dog did this to the remote and he is super proud of it. He thinks that now I can’t watch TV and spend all the time playing with him. He is quite right.”


When your dog gets all dirty and makes sure that he gets noticed. “So I went to play out with my friends today and this happened.”


“Don’t leave me alone at home. It seems as if you are gone forever.”


Dogs can grow up to be really large beasts. You don’t need to be scared of this one, though.

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