10+ Pets That Showed How Mean They Are


Pets are pawsome, but they can be really mean at times. Read this story and you will know all about it. Here are some pets that showed how mean they are. Have a look at these pets and you will know it all!


The cat was just waiting for his hooman to print all the posters. The felines love to have fun, irrespective of how it affects their hooman.


Cats do watch out for each other, but not at all times. Sometimes, they need their space.


Cats are so good at hide and seek that sometimes, even they can’t be spotted by other cats. How many cats do you see in this picture?


Look at this cat and you will know who is responsible for the low temperature in the room. Cats love to stay warm and cozy. They just don’t care about others.


Cats don’t like messy spaces. You better clean everything up.


A cat is always allowed to take what he likes. You never question a cat.


When you sleep without your cat’s permission, you will definitely wake up with scar marks in the morning.


Sometimes cats would like to help you in the kitchen, but this is how it will end up like.


Cats can be really sly at times, even with their siblings.

He likes to lay in front of the cat door and bite his siblings as they try to walk through it.


When your cat is fed up of you, this is what he will do.

We are on our way to a wedding and as soon as we got out, our cat stepped on the lock button and locked us out.


When you ask your pet to step aside so that you can take a picture, your pet will make sure that he is definitely a part of that picture.


This little up is just trying to act innocent, but his hooman knows that he is definitely up to something.


When your furry one creates all the mess in the house, but his one innocent look makes it all worth it.


You are only allowed to give full attention to your pet and nobody else. This is the primary rule of becoming a pet parent.


This is how the dog likes his bed. Why do you have any issue with it?

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