10+ Pets That Like to Hide From Their Owners, and We Want to Cuddle With Them Even More


Cats love to hide away from their hoomans from time to time. But sometimes, it’s impossible for the cat hoomans to find their cats. This is why cats have decided to make things easier for their hoomans. They are choosing hiding spots where their hoomans can find them easily.


“Hiding behind a curtain where my hooman can see me.”


When your cat gets confused if he wants to hide or not.


When your cat hides behind the plant instead of destroying it, you can get really confused.


Even if a cat doesn’t put in any efforts into hiding, it will still find a good place to hide. Cat hoomans can never beat their cats in the game of hide and seek.


When your cat is black, it can be really easy for him to hide. Just lie down on the top of the bedsheet and still the cat hooman won’t be able to find the cat.


The box is still open because the cat wants his hooman to find him on time for the dinner.


Finding places to hide can be quite easy for a cat. Just get inside the grocery bag of the cat hooman.


Cats often use the color of their fur as a camouflage and lie wherever they want to.


A cat should sit exactly where his hooman can see him.


Hiding behind the curtains is one of the favorite things that cats like to do.


This cat simply sits behind the chair and thinks that his hooman doesn’t see him.


This one is not an easy find. You will have to make more efforts to find the cat in this picture.


Sit exactly where your hooman can see you. This is the principle rule of every cat who is finding a place to hide.


Cat hoomans can hide anywhere they like and their hoomans can’t stop them.


Cats know exactly the place to hide from where he can see the cat.

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