10 Person Shows What Everything Would Look Like If It Had A Cat’s Face And The Result Is Funny Yet Disturbing


Cat hoomans can fit a cat face anywhere that they wish to. The felines are creative creatures and so are their hoomans. Just imagine what if every animal had a cat face? Everything will become even more pawsome. It’s a bit hard to imagine, but you don’t have to make any efforts. All you have to do is get some snacks, sit back and enjoy!

Here are some animals whose faces were swapped for a cat’s face and they look totally pawsome. We know you just can’t wait to see them. So go ahead and have fun!


Not everyone likes snow, specially animals who have a cat face.


Cats truly rule the world. This is their real avatar. They were just trying to hide away and not attract anyone’s attention. But it seems that they can’t help it.


“The world looks really different from up here. My hooman looks so small!” When your cat turns into a giraffe.


“I think I landed on the wrong planet. This land is full of snow. Can you please take me out of here?”


We thought that pandas couldn’t be more adorable, but not after we saw this.

Are you surprised yet? We know you are! You might have not even imagined that a cat face can fit so well on other animal’s face. They not only fit well, but look purrfect. We have some more pawsome pictures for you. Continue scrolling!


Lizards won’t be scary if they looked like this. Just replace any animal’s face with a cat’s face and they will start looking adorable.


Look who’s watching out for you today! You are in safe hands.


Cat bees are the best. Look how this one buzzes.


Koala cat is the best one to have around. You won’t ever get bored of looking at this one.


Look who is enjoying the swim today!

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