10 People Who Just Realized How Evil Their Cats Are & It’s Hilarious


Cats are adorable fluff balls most of the times. But sometimes they go on to be the worst devils there could be. Cats hoomans find it impossible to understand what their cats really want. You can try as much as you want, but you will never be able to understand what your cat really wants. It’s hilarious at times and can be really troublesome at others. But one thing is for sure that cats always get what they want. The felines don’t stop till the time they get what they want.

Here are people who just realized how evil their cats are and it’s hilarious. Have a look at these cats and you will know how pawsome cats are!


Cats can do anything to get food. They won’t let their hoomans do anything till the time they get what they want.


Cats don’t need much. Only cold stares are enough to stare anyone away.


When your cat wants the entire house to himself, this is what will happen. The felines are capable of doing anything and everything that they want.


You can never understand a cat’s logic. So better just follow what the cat wants. There is no other way to live with a cat.


The cat wants to do what it wants. The feline won’t ask for your permission.

Cats are amazing beings and they are always upto something or the other. There is something about cats that you just can’t stay away from them.


Cats love their hooman moms more than their hooman dads at times and this is what they do to show their love.


When you try to take a cat’s place, this is bound to happen. Either you agree with the cat or suffer the consequences.


Cats love to be the best in whatever they do. Even when it comes to being the worst, cats have no shame to give their best to it as well.


Cats always figure out a way to get what they want one way or the other.


It’s impossible to understand what cats want. They always find a way to get their hooman’s attention.

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