10 People Who Got a Pedigree Cat and Never Miss the Chance to Take a Photo of It


Cats are purrfect and there is no doubt about it. But then there are cats who are better than the rest. This specie of cats are called pedigree cats. You will know all about a pedigree cat when you meet one.

Here are some people who got a pedigree cat and never miss the chance to take a photo of it. Have a look at these cats and you will know why!


This cat can win any contest with this confidence. He is not afraid of anything.


Lazy paws won’t move from this place and stare at his hoomans while she works.

You can always learn something or the other from cats. Sometimes, it is being lazy and at other times, it’s their cleverness and smartness. You just need to observe them and learn.


With these huge black eyes, this cat can win anyone’s heart.


You can always learn to sit like a gentleman from this cat. Cats love to amaze their hoomans.


When you are caught in the act, always raise your hand. Even a cat knows this and it would be better if you know it too.


When your cats make you feel like you are intruding them when you return home. “Why are you home so soon? We weren’t expecting to entertain you at this hour.”


This is why cats hate to go to the vet. They always do something that hurts the cat or makes them feel awkward.


This cat surely knows how to do some stretching.


Hugging your chubby cat is the best feeling ever. Your cat will always make sure that you are safe and secure.


When your cat has a long nose that makes him look like a human. But this cat doesn’t seem very happy about it. “Hoomans are stupid. I don’t want to look like them. I am better off an ugly cat any day than this.”

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