10 People That Just Wanted to Get a Cat but Didn’t Think About the Consequences


Cats are nothing like the other pets. They choose their own hoomans and set the rules in the house. You would have to change everything as per your cat. Till the time your cat doesn’t approve of something, you are not supposed to do it. It’s always good to be prepared before you get a cat.

Here are some people that just wanted to get a cat but didn’t think about the consequences. Have a look at these hilarious cat pictures and you will know what to expect when you get a cat!


Your cat will appear out of places that you don’t expect and surprise you often. Also, sleeping till late in the morning is not allowed because your cat needs its breakfast at 6 a.m. in the morning.


You will have to let go of your favorite chair because it will belong to your cat. also, if your cat redesigns it, then don’t stop him. This is every cat’s right.


Cats don’t like bathroom curtains so they will either tear them or remove them completely.


You are allowed to have any privacy because your cat wants all your time and attention.


Selfies without cats is not a thing for cat hoomans. Your cat needs to be a part of every picture that you click. It wants to make sure that everyone knows that you have a cat.


Your cat will pretend as if it is talking to someone at times, but this is completely normal. You need not be worried about it.


Every cat likes to collect some thing. So if things go missing in your home, just try and search for your cat’s hidden treasure.


“Wake up, hooman! I am hungry. Need food right now.”


Cats like to hangout in weird places. All you have to do is look at them and smile.


Your cat will decide what you wear and how you wear it. You have to get your cat’s approval before you do anything.

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