10 People That Just Wanted to Get a Cat but Didn’t Think About the Consequences


You really need to prep up before you get a cat. Living with a cat is not an easy thing. The felines are completely unpredictable and they are always getting into one trouble or the other. Even though the cat hoomans can never be completely prepared for what the actions of their cats, but they need to know what can happen.

Here are some people that just wanted to get a cat but didn’t think about the consequences. Have a look at these cats and you will know all about it!


There is nothing that a cat doesn’t know. It is always hiding behind the curtains and know everything.


Cats don’t rest when their hoomans go to sleep. There’s a lot that needs to be done behind their hooman’s back. Cats take advantage of every little moment.


When there is a cat by your side, you should simply rest and stare at the cat.


Cats don’t want their hoomans to look good for somebody else. They will go on getting involved in every picture that their hooman clicks, so that everyone know that she has a cat.


Cats may be scared of water, but they like to sit in the bathtubs all by themselves when there is no one around.

Cats are always up to something or the other and there is nothing that you can do to stop them. Even if it ends up into a huge mess, the cats will do as they like. They know that their hoomans are there to clean all the mess for them.


A cat needs lots of colourful toys to play with. Otherwise, it will just arrange them for himself.


“Get up, hooman. It’s my breakfast time.” A cat will never allow his hooman to sleep for long. It will always make sure that the hooman is up on time because you can’t be late for breakfast.


The cat will sit where it likes, but it might get a little difficult for his hooman to find him.


When you decide to go somewhere without your cat, you are not allowed to get dressed properly.


Stare at the cat hooman till it does what you want him to do.

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