10 Pawsome Tweets Of Cats Just Being Cats


Cats know very well the things that really matter. They come in this world to show people how to lead a good life and they are truly pawsome at it. Since cats try to keep themselves away from the distractions, they have chosen a few things to focus on. Apart from eating and sleeping, making their hoomans laugh is among favorite cat things. Get a cat and forget all your sorrows!

Here are some pawsome cat tweets that will show you what it is like to be a cat. It is not an easy job, but cats do it so smoothly that you don’t even realize how much effort they are putting into it. This is why cats are pawsome at everything that they do!


Take your cat out for a date and they will show you that there is no company better than them. have faith in your cats and they will never let you down.


Exercising is good for health and this cat knows it very well. This is why they stay fit and healthy. This cat is doing the right thing.


Cats are trying to adjust as your new co-workers, but maybe they haven’t understood what it means to be one till now.


Cats live where they like. You can never fit them in a cage.


The cat managed to do this with great difficulty. Please appreciate him.


“Why do hooman need new kitten? Am I not enough for him now? He is cheating on me!”


When your cat ventures out for a walk and don’t have enough strength to go walk on their own. “I didn’t realize that I had come this far. Let’s go home now!”


“There is something wrong with this. I think I broke it. Can you fix it?”


Even a magnifying glass can’t help you see the true side of your cats. They are totally unpredictable.


Who is taking the best advantage of hooman’s hoodie? The cat is very smart.

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