10 Pawsome Pictures That Prove Cats Are Not Mean


Felines are pawsome, but not many people know this. Unfortunately, most people think that cats are mean and there is nothing that they care about. But this is completely false. You just can’t understand cats till the time you spend time with them. Cat hoomans know that cats only have good intentions for them. The cats keep on doing all the weird things just to see a smile on their hoomans’ face. There is nothing more important to cats than this. Even though cats can be quite troublesome for some time, the cat hoomans know that it is all worth it.

Here are some pawsome pictures that prove cats are not mean. Have a look at these cats and you will know that cats care a lot about their hoomans!


When the cat gets to know that there is something wrong with his hooman, the cat won’t leave his side till the time everything is fine.


As long as the cat is guarding the fence, nobody can get closer.


Look how this cat is taking care of his new body! This is just so adorable.


The dog was really scared, so the cat stayed by his side. When you have a cat by your side, there is nothing to worry about.


The hooman of these furry creatures was worried if they would get along and look at them now.

Cats are really adorable. You just need to give them some time to open up and see how pawsome everything gets.


The cat made a new friend and now he can’t leave his side. Cats really value friendship and they would never leave their friend’s side.


The cat treats this rabbit as her own kitten. Have you ever seen any such thing before?


When the cat hooman doesn’t return home on time and the cat gets worried. “Where are you hooman? I am coming to rescue you!”


Cats can do anything to make sure that the baby stays happy and safe. You can completely trust a cat to take care of the baby.


When the cat finally starts opening to his hooman, this is how pawsome it gets.

Don’t forget to share this pawsome cat story with your family and friends! Everyone should know that cats are not mean and their heart is full of pure love. Share your views with us in the comments below!

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