10 Pawsome Cats Just Being Adorable Weirdos


Every cat has many sides and a cat hooman definitely knows at least two if not the rest. Can you guess which cat traits are we talking about? Yes, you guessed it correctly. Cats are adorable and weird. No matter how hard they try, they can never stop being adorable and weird. Even when your cat does something to trouble you, you always forgive them so easily because they look so adorable. It’s like a trick cats do. They are born with the traits to charm anyone and everyone they want to. On the top of their target list are those people who say that they don’t like cats. There is no one who doesn’t like cats.

Here are some pawsome cats just being adorable weirdos. Have a look at these pictures and your hearts will melt too!


When your cat gets scared of being punished and surrenders before his hooman throws him out of the face.


Don’t try to get too close to your cat, it will bite.


This look on a cat’s face and his hooman will do anything for him.


There was an accident and now we have a broken cat and a car. Did someone call the ambulance?


Cats know better than any human how to relax and enjoy life.

Nothing compares to this picture of a cat sitting peacefully in doing nothing at all. Well, cats are an expert at it.


When you catch your cat doing something secretly, but they look so adorable that you forget all about inquiring what he is up to.


When your cat wants to hurt you, but ends up hurting himself. “Next time, it will be you hooman.”


When your cat acts all weird and you have no clue where he learnt this new skill from.


This cat’s hooman has no clue how he got up there without any help. Well, cats are always good at surprising everyone.


This cat scared his hooman with this look. Did it work on you also?

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