10 Overly Dramatic Cats Who Love The Drama


Cats are the biggest drama queens/kings. Their love for attention has got them to the top of this list. Cats can do anything to get their hooman’s love and attention. Being dramatic is the easiest way to get anyone’s attention and cats know it very well.

Here are some hilarious pictures of dramatic cats that will explain how much they love drama. Have a look!


Leave your cat alone for ten minutes and he is all ready to torture you. “Pick in your arms and pamper me now!”


Cats don’t need their hoomans to help them in grooming. “Leave me hooman! You are ruining my style.”


When cats steal the show and cat feels insulted. “I will see you next time, doggo!”


Cats can fall asleep anywhere they like. You have to be a little careful. Don’t stumble on your cat!


And this is how the cat reacts when you stop on it. “How dare you hooman! Am I that insignificant to you?”

If you are already surprised with these cat reactions, then buckle up because we have more dramatic cats in stock for you. There is never shortage of dramatic cats. Once a cat gets comfortable with their hooman, they reveal their best side i.e. the dramatic one.


Cats do weird things at night. Some act like undercover agents.


When you ask your cat about the broken plates and he tries to act all innocent. “It was the baby. I swear I didn’t do anything this time.”


“My hooman is trying to drown me. Somebody save me please.” Trying to give your cat a bath is the most difficult task ever.


“Where did my fur vanish? What did you do to me? I am going to die now. in my last moments, I want to tell you that I will come back to take revenge.”


That’s how cats react to food. It is not only humans’ weakness. Cats also can’t control themselves.

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