10 Over Dramatic Cats Who Deserve An Academy Award


Whenever cats do something, they make sure that it is perfect. So how can they stop when it comes to being dramatic. Cats always like to be in the spotlight. Most of the times, cats choose to ignore things. but when they decide to react, it sometimes go over the line.

Here are some hilarious pictures of over dramatic cats who deserve an academy award. Have a look at these pictures and you will agree that these cats truly deserve an award.


“First, you disturbed my sleep and then, you tried to kill me. What is wrong with you? Cat lord will punish you for doing this to me.”


“There’s a dog on my head and he licked me. I need to take a bath right away!”


When you notice that your cat has been quietly observing you and that too while standing on only two paws. Is it even possible?


This is what your cat will do when you leave him outside. “Are you trying to throw me out of the house? I am not going anywhere!”


Just imagine what this cat might have seen. You would hardly ever see a cat who is surprised, let alone scared.

Cats don’t even realize it, but they are super hilarious. You just have to catch them at the right moment. Cats won’t give you many such opportunities. But when they do, you should make sure that you make best use of it.


When your cat is upset and doesn’t know where to hide. “How could you forget to get the treats for me? I am not talking to you now.”


When you spot the cats on their secret mission. “What are you staring at? We are up to no mischief.”


“Save me hooman! This shark will eat me up.”


When you touch your cat without its permission. “I thought I trained you well. But you disappoint me, hooman!”


Different phases of a cat. You will only get to see a few of them if you are really lucky.

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