10 Over Dramatic Cats That Deserve An Oscar (New Pics)


Cats are always in the extreme mode. They either ignore you all day long or don’t leave you alone even for a moment. If things don’t go as per a cat’s wish, they can be really dramatic.

Here are some over dramatic cats that deserve an Oscar. Have a look at these hilarious cat pictures and you will get to understand cats better.


When you ask your cat if you can get another cat and this is how he reacts. “Another cat? What do you mean? Am I not cat enough!”


When you ask your cat to help you clean the house and he gets tired before it starts. “I need to take a nap first. You can go ahead and start with all the cleaning stuff.”


When you convince your cat to accompany you on the roadtrip and he makes sure that you follow all the driving rules. “Look at the road hooman. You are not allowed to look anywhere else till the time we are in this car with you.”


When you have a cat and a dog in the house, you should always pay more attention to the cat. Otherwise, he won’t like it and may scratch you.


Cats may not show you how they feel, but some times they have no choice. “You can’t leave me here alone now. We decided to live together in this house and I really like it here.”


Have you ever seen a cat cry for help? Well, here you go.


“There is a baby in my house. Why did you get a baby? I said no babies!”


“Why did you put me in this box? Don’t you think that I am civil enough?”


When you try to sleep and your cat starts acting all weird. “I see you, hooman. No one will touch you. You can go to sleep now.”


“You forgot me outside, hooman. Can you open the door before the dog comes and bites me?”

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