10+ Of The Best “Dog People Vs. Cat People” Tweets


The fight between dog people and cat people is never going to end. But we all can have a good laugh till the time it goes on.

Here are some of the best “dog people vs. cat people” tweets that you surely don’t want to miss. Have a look!


Cats and dogs are meant to be loved. While some choose to love either cats or dogs, the others just don’t care.


Cats know that they deserve the best, so they don’t agree to anything less than that.


There is a whole lot of difference between cats and dogs. It’s like both of them come from a different planet.


People can’t categorize their cats. They are all the same and yet, a lot different.


It’s a known fact that cat’s choose their hoomans on their own. Many people fear that they won’t be chosen by any cat, so they simply get a dog.


Cats care as much for their hoomans as dogs. You need to understand that they just don’t express their love and care for their hoomans often.


Cats are very independent. Instead of buying a cat from a store, you can rescue one. Cats are always busy exploring out in the wild all by themselves.


Once you start living with a cat, you will realize that there is no better company than them. People just drain your energy and waste your time.


Every person has a different view about cats and dogs.


You can’t buy a cat. They choose you and enter your house on their own. You are also not allowed to ask a cat to leave your house.


This is one of the reasons why many people say that they hate cats. They are only trying to hide their own insecurities.


Judging all the cats after meeting one is not the right thing to do.


Cats and their hoomans are never afraid to own who they are.


Even dog owners and cat owners have something in common.


Cats and dogs were never enemies.


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