10 Naughty Cats Being Shamed For Their Crimes


We all know that cats are sneaky and mischievous. They always have some crazy idea going on their mind. But sometimes they really cross the line and need to be punished for it. Some cat hoomans came up with the idea of shaming their cats for all the mischiefs that they do and it is really hilarious. Little do these cat hoomans know that cats don’t care what people think about them. This won’t stop the felines from doing what they want.

Here are some naughty cats that are being shamed for their crimes and it is totally hilarious. Have a look!


Cats have no shame whatsoever!


“My hooman doesn’t even leave me alone while I eat. This is why I have to do the same to him.”


“It’s so easy to convince your hooman to do what you want them. You should adopt one hooman too sometime, it is a lot of fun!”


The kittens are pretty adorable.


Every cat should get a lizard for their hooman. If it’s dead, then it’s better.

Cats are proud of everything that they do and they don’t stop even when you tell them to. So just let them do what they want and carry on with our work. It’s best for the both. Sit back, laugh and enjoy!


“The look on my hooman’s face was worth all the trouble. I will do it again sometime. Beware hooman! Keep a close look on your food.”


“My hooman doesn’t understand that it’s a game that I play with my friends. But I don’t want to explain it to my hooman. Let it be.”


This is just normal for a cat. There is nothing new in being weird. Cats are incomplete without their weirdness.


Cats go crazy when it comes to toilet paper. There is something about it that cats can’t resist.


“When I wake them up, they are upset. When I don’t, they are upset. What should I do?”

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