10 Myths About Cats That All Cat Owners Should Know About


Cats just do what they do want to do and they never care to explain it to others. This is why a lot of rumors have been going around regarding cats. But it’s time that we burst them all. The felines are full of mystery. Cat hoomans are just left wondering why their cats do what they do. This makes it even more difficult to stay away from their cats for long.

Here are myths about cats that all cat owners should know about. Have a look at these cat myths and you will get to know that there are so many wrong things being spread about cats!


Cats are clever and if you anger them, then they might plot revenge against you. The felines don’t forget and they certainly don’t forgive.


Most of the times, cats like to stay alone as they are non-social animals. So if your cat doesn’t like to meet the visitors, just let him be.


When a cat doesn’t like a particular person, it might pee on some of the things that belong to that person. Cats are very expressive. They may not say it all, but their actions do.


Cats love to spite their owners at times and they scratch furniture in order to do the same.


The felines are quick learners. All they need to do is look at you and they will learn all that you are doing. So just be careful how you behave around your cats.

You would hardly see people training their cats. The felines don’t need any training. They learn everything on their own. All they have to do is sit back and observe.


Cats don’t get bored and they don’t let their hoomans get bored either. The felines always have some crazy ideas to entertain their everyone around them.


Cats can stay at home all the time. This doesn’t make them sick at all.


Cats know how to land on their feet always. They are born with this talent.


Cats know how to heal their wounds on their own. They lick their wounds in order to heal them. Cats also know which grass to eat in order to heal their wounds.


A cat is more possessive about the house, rather than his hooman. Don’t let your cat fool you in this aspect.

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