10 Men Who Said “No” To A Cat, But Then Changed Their Minds In A Heartbeat


It is impossible to say no to a cat. People who dared to do so know that they were completely wrong in the past. If you are also among the ‘I hate cats’ clan, you might change your mind after reading this pawsome story.

Here are some men who said “no” to a cat, but then changed their minds in a heartbeat. Have a look at these pictures and you will know how cats made it possible.


When your husband doesn’t want a cat, but a few week later both of them ignore you. Cats can change everything within a few moments.


When your boyfriend says that he hates cats, but he loves you more than your cat.


Men who think that they don’t like cats end up like this a few days later.

The kitten I said no to… Look at that smug face.


Cats like to change the opinion of those people who say that they don’t like cats.


Once men meet a cat, they can’t just let go of them.

My foster fail: Because my husband didn’t want to adopt him to someone else.


This man thought that he was a dog person all his life, until he met a cat.


People who say that they hate cats don’t even know what they are talking about. Live with a cat first and then, you will never ever say this thing.

My husband, a life-long cat hater! Yeah, whatever!


Humans don’t adopt cats, it’s always the other way round.


It’s only a few days till this man adopts more cats. Once a cat person, always a cat person.

My boyfriend hates cats but I came home with one. He says he still hates cats, but Betty is ok.


You just can’t say no to little adorable kittens.

Our cat had kittens. Hubby said we aren’t keeping one. Same day I took this photo. He fell in love with them all. We kept one.

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