10 Maine Coons Who Know They’re Kings, and We Can’t Argue With That


Maine Coons are the cats that always come to mind when you talk about big cats. Lions, panthers and tigers are also big cats, but there is something special about the Maine Coons. Even though they are big and fierce, the Maine Coons love their hoomans a lot. These cats are domesticated breeds and they are gentle towards their hoomans. These big felines may be arrogant for other people, but this is not the case with their hoomans. It can be quite difficult for the cat hoomans to hold these Maine Coons, but they manage somehow.

Here are some Maine Coons who know they’re kings and we can’t argue with that. Have a look at these huge and adorable Maine Coons to know everything!


For a cat hooman, the cat will always remain the little furry one that she brought home years ago.


When your hooman keeps on taking selfies with you for no reason at all. “Here hooman, this is the last one. I swear I will bite you if you ask me for another one.”


This cat is not afraid of challenges. He is prepared to take on the world.


This is the only way to get a decent picture with your cat. If not this, then nothing at all. A cat hooman knows that he has to adjust to the cat’s needs at all times.


Fitting in is an art that cats know all about. There is no other option for a cat.


When you try to make your cat happy, but he has endless desires. “This is all you have got for me? Maybe you should go back to the store and buy some cat treats as well.”


This cat wasn’t sure why his hooman wrote fragile on the box. “I want you to redecorate this box. I am not fragile. Bet I am stronger than you.”


Cats don’t grow up for their hooman. It’s always going to be this way.


When your cat is not happy with the food menu, you change it before your cat ruins everything.


This is how cats attract the attention of their hoomans. The cat looks really angry though.

Don’t forget to share this pawsome cat story with your family and friends! Maine Coons are huge and fierce cats, but they are really gentle and sweet also. What are your views about these cats? Share with us in the comments.

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