10 Lovely Cat Luggages By Japanese Artist Pico Miho


Cat lovers are as crazy as their cats. Ask a cat lover if they won at least one thing with a cat face on it. You will surely get the answer in affirmative. Cat hoomans love to be around cats and anything with a cat on it. Would you like to have a cat baggage in your possession? A Japanese artist named Pico Miho has put all his artistic skills into creating backpacks and baggage inspired by felines.

Here are some of the pawsome bag designs made by this Japanese artist inspired by cats. Have a look!


How about a cat staring at people from your back? This will be really pawsome.


Here’s one with a cute cat wink. Will you choose this one?


This one is very spacious and it seems as if you are carrying a real cat around with you. You can place it anywhere you like.


No one will dare to touch your bag with this cat’s face on it.


Everyone would love to greet you with a smile when you will carry this pawsome bag with you.


This strong cat will protect everything that goes inside the bag. Do you agree?


How about this one with white fur and a cute smile?


This bag is very easy to carry around. With a cat on top, everything looks purrfect.


This side bag is good for all purposes. You will never feel lonely with this cat bag.


This cat here is a little grumpy. What do you think this cat is worried about?

Which one did you like the most of them all? We know cat lovers reading this would be quite eager to get one for themselves. It’s always good to be around cats. The felines always manage to bring a smile on our face in one way or the other.

Share your opinions with us in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this pawsome story with your family and friends!

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