10 Kitties That Purr Out From the Furry Crowd With Their Unique Features


Cats embrace who they are and they never let their appearance become an issue for themselves. The felines know that it’s their actions that matter the most. There is nothing that you can do about your appearance, so just focus on your actions instead. This is what that makes all the felines unique.

Here are some kitties that purr out from the furry crowd with their unique features. Have a look at these cats and you will know how unique cats are!


Don’t fall for appearances. They can be very deceptive. And when it comes to cats, everything is super unpredictable and deceptive.

Kaylis was born with half-eyelids, so he always looks grumpy, but he’s the sweetest boy.


This cat carries her heart on her nose. Just one look at the cat and everyone falls for him.


Even this cat is not sure how it happened, but she is okay with it. It is what it is. After all, cats never cared about public opinion.


There is something weird about this cat’s ears and he knows it very well.


Cats accept themselves the way they are. This is why everyone loves them the way they are.

Our new Highlander kitten, polydactyl on all 4 paws and curled ears. We love our unique little kitty.


People always see what they want to see. You can either go for the looks or the heart. It all depends on the kind of person you are.

Everyone said she was the ugliest kitten they had ever seen and to not bother, but to me, she was the most unique.


This cat is all set to start a new beauty trend. It’s called curly brows. But not everyone can pull this off.

When the cat doesn’t feel that he is ugly, nobody else can hold it against him. The felines will always go on doing what they do best and they won’t stop or care for public opinion. It doesn’t matter to them at all.


This cat may look very serious with the big moustache and that look of seriousness on his face, but he is a true gentleman.


This albino ragdoll is the prettiest one out there. But she has a lot of demands and her hooman is constantly on the run.


When your cat achieves the maximum ears limit and you don’t know how it happened. Is it even possible!

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