10 Hysterical Times Cats’ Settings Crashed


Understanding cats completely is not possible at all. They are unpredictable pets and like to do weird things to surprise everyone. Even though cats are adorable and graceful most of the times, some times their settings crash too. Life is all about changing constantly and cats like to get a different taste too. So if you think that you know your cat completely, then you are highly mistaken.

Here are some pictures of hysterical times when cats’ settings crashed. Have a look at these pictures and you will have a good laugh too.


When your cat stares at you for twenty minutes straight and you have no clue why.


Your cat can ignore you when you are getting bored, but he would start demanding all your time when you get busy.


Cats are super expressive. You just have to wait for the right moment. Also, angry cat is not the kind of cat that you would like to come across.


This is what cats do when you don’t feed them on time.


A cat is allowed to destroy all your plants and sit wherever they like. “I didn’t ask you to put the plants inside the house. You are the one who made the wrong choice. Deal with the consequences now!”


When you have a cat as your co-worker, it’s difficult to focus on work. “What are you doing, hooman? Let’s have some fun.”


When your cat sits silently waiting for you and gives you this look when you get out of the shower.


The moment you touch your cat, this is what will happen.


A cat has a special place where he takes all his important decisions. You are not allowed to disturb him when he is sitting at his special spot.


A cat knows when his hooman is not feeling well and does something funny to cheer him up. “Hi hooman, I think you didn’t have a good day today. Let me help you out of your gloominess.”

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