10 Hilarious Times Cats Said A Firm ‘NO’ To Cuddles


Cuddles are not a thing for cats. The felines are not the usual pets. Everything is different with them. They crave everyone’s attention, but still they want to keep an arm’s distance from their hoomans. There is no way that you can convince your cat to cuddle with them when they don’t want to.

Here are some cat pictures that depict the hilarious times cats said a firm ‘no’ to cuddles. Have a look at these pictures and get to know about cats and their privacy issues.


“You are invading my privacy. What is wrong with you today?”


“Let’s keep the distance. You need to keep it this way.”


When you want to cuddle with your cat, but this is how they react to your request. “It’s not happening. Not today or ever again.”


“My hooman is trying to cuddle with me and I can’t breathe. Maybe she doesn’t love me anymore and wants to kill me.”


Cats get trapped too sometimes. They are not the only ones who trap their hoomans.

Have you ever seen a cat trapped or is this your first time? You can enjoy this picture and laugh your heart. Not everyday do you get to see a cat trapped between his hooman’s arms.


When you ask your cat to cuddle with you and they bite you instead. This is somewhat unexpected, but with cats, anything is possible.


“No means no. You get this at once or I will bite you.”


“My hooman is completely weird. He tries to kiss me and cuddle with me. I think she should get a boyfriend.”


“I don’t like what you are trying to do. Can you keep your hands off me?”


“Didn’t you read the rules properly? One arm distance is mandatory. I think you have forgotten and need to read the rules again.”

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