10 Hilarious Pictures Showing What Cats Are All About


Cats are spontaneous and full of adventure. They always have something to look forward to. Cats plan their day well in advance. They are completely unpredictable at times. You never know what it is going on in their mind.  Cat hoomans are always uncertain what their furry friends will do in the next moment.

Here are some hilarious cat pictures that will show you what cats are all about. Have a look at these pictures and get to know your cats better!


“My cat was sitting on the plant and then, he fell asleep taking the plant with it.”


“Waiting for your hooman to serve you food is the most difficult thing to do.”


Cats always know the warmest place in the house.


When you don’t ask for your cat’s permission before leaving home and he won’t let you leave. Cats know how to make their hoomans cancel their plans.


This little kitty is always the center of attraction. Everyone loves him.

Everyone agrees that cats are unpredictable, but there is always a pattern. So if you observe your cat carefully, you will now what they are all about. One thing is for sure that cats don’t want your expensive gifts. In fact, it’s your time and affection that they care about. Instead of spending money on your cats, start spending some time with them.


When cats try to show you that they can be angry too, but you end up laughing at them. nothing cats do can make them less adorable. They will always make everyone laugh.


When you work on Sundays too and your cat acts like your angry girlfriend.


Sometimes cats are also clueless about their next step. What do they do in this case? They take a break from everything and take a nap.


When you ask your cat to get out of your cat and he has no clue what you are talking about.


When cats get upset, they like to be left alone with their favorite soft toy.

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