10 Hilarious Pictures Showing Cats Doing Typical Cat Things


There is something that always stands out when it comes to cats. Cats are pawsome and they always control everything that goes on in their life. Many people think that they can adopt a cat, but it’s always the other way round. Cats are the ones who adopt hoomans so that they can feed them and take care of them. There is always something mysterious about cats.

Here are some hilarious pictures showing cats doing typical cat things. Have a look at these cats and you will get to know what cats typically do!


When cats don’t want their hoomans to sleep, they will do everything to make sure that they don’t. Cats can be really demanding at times.


Sitting comfortably and staring at their hooman is what cats do best. There is something about cats that can be really intimidating at times.


Cats can appear out of anywhere and scare their hoomans whenever they like. You just can’t tell a cat to do something that it doesn’t want to.


Cats can do anything that they like and you can’t stop them. That’s what it feels like to be a cat.


Cats can be really expressive at times. Just look at their expressions and you will know what they want to say.

Cats are pawsome and they can do as they like. This is the best thing about cats and also one of the reasons why they rule the world. The felines make their own rules and don’t follow the ones made by their hoomans.


Asking your cat to get clicked is the most difficult thing ever. You can either get this or nothing at all.


Cats love to hang out at new places. They are pawsome and just can’t lead a boring life. Cats always find out something interesting to do.


When your cat stares at you like this, there is something really wrong that you definitely need to apologize for.


Catching your cats in such weird moments is just hilarious. Even though cats are purrfect most of the time, they too have such moments in life.


When your cat keeps on reminding you that he is around, so that you can’t even forget that for a moment.

Don’t forget to share this pawsome cat story with your family and friends! Cat hoomans already know what cats are like. It’s the ones who have wrong presumptions about cats who really need to see this story.

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