10+ Hilarious Pictures Of Cats Sitting Where They Shouldn’t Be


Cats always have one thing or the other going on in their mind. There is nothing that they are scared to explore and always go after everything they want.

Here are some hilarious pictures of cats sitting where they shouldn’t be. Have a look at these cats and you will get to know how creative they are!


When you have two cats in the house, except this sort of creativity every day.


If a cat likes to fit in somewhere, he will not care about the comfort. Cats can sleep anywhere they like.


Sleeping on the plants is the birth right of cats. Even if the plants are destroyed in the process, the cats won’t care.


The climb on the tree marathon is around the corner and the cats are preparing for it. You can see that the preparation is on full swing.


Cats are spontaneously exploring new places and ways of traveling around.


Leaving a cat alone with your drink is not a good idea. This will be the only end product.


When your cat melts due to the heat and he takes help of the container to preventing falling apart.


These cats are certainly learning a lot from their hoomans.


When your cat wants to be the center of attention, this is what he might do.


This poor kitty seriously needs help.


This cat lives in a huge house and has a room of his own, but he still chooses to sleep on the plants and ruin them.


You will always find your cat in the most unlikely places. The felines are super creative and always have something new to explore.


Your cat will always a place from where he can keep a watch on you. There is something about cats and the way they stare at their hoomans.


“Every morning my cat will sit in the sink and stare at me to make sure that I don’t drown in the bathtub.”


When your cat goes crazy because of hunger, this is bound to happen.

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